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Deepika Padukone REVEALS what she will do after the Covid-19 lockdown comes to an end

Deepika Padukone has time and again given us glimpses of how close she is to her parents and sister who stay miles away from her in Bangalore.

Like a good daughter, she ensures that she makes time for them whenever they require her. Whether it is on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries or when they were moving their home, the actress always removed time from her busy schedule to be with her family.

Now the recent lockdown due to the pandemic outbreak has put everyone on a stay at home routine, restricting movement and the actress has now been sharing glimpses of how she is managing these days in quarantine.

In a recent interview, Deepika was asked what would be the first thing she would do once the situation comes under control.

Totally making it all relatable for most of us, she shares, “Probably go and see my parents because I was actually scheduled to travel to Bangalore to see them and then leave for our schedule (Shakun’s film) because we were going to be out for like 2 months. So the idea was to see them. I think that’s probably the first thing I’ll do which is just go and see them in flesh and blood.”

Extremely close to her family and an actress who does not shy away from being expressive with emotions when it comes to her close bonds, we can truly relate to when Deepika Padukone says that.

Definitely, we are all waiting for the time when the worldwide situation would come under control and we would get to see our loved ones. All the movies’ work has gone on a halt until further notice, stationing us all and even Deepika, at home for safety.

On the work front, Deepika is all set to begin shooting for Shakun Batra’s untitled. The actress will also star in the official remake of “The Intern” which will go on floors next year.

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