The saga surrounding Ranveer Singh and filmmaker Prasanth Varma and Mythri Movie Makers went on to constantly rise from firstly just being about a film negotiation not working out to a lot of speculation about the nature of the falling out between both parties.

There were rumors going around that the film Rakshas which was said to be directed by Prasanth Varma and headlined by Ranveer Singh – the duo, decided to part ways on the project due to creative differences. Amid speculations from various industry sources, the makers and actor have now cleared their stance and addressed the ongoing developments.

Prasanth Varma, Mythri Movie Makers and Ranveer Singh have now clarified with their official statements.

Talking about it Ranveer Singh mentioned, “Prasanth is a very special talent. We met and explored the idea of a film together. Hopefully we will collaborate on something exciting in the future.”

Prasanth Varma said, “Ranveer’s energy and talent is rare to find. We shall manifest our forces combining soon sometime in the future. “

Both the parties including Mythri Movie Makers agree that everyone’s intentions were right to make it happen but something’s sometimes aren’t meant to be at that time.

The team shook hands with a promise to associate in times to come.

As of now, Singh will be reprising his role as Simmba in the upcoming mega film, Singham Again.