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What's Common Between Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar?

Shah Rukh Khan & Akshay Kumar Have This In Common

Apart from superstardom, what do Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan have in common?

They both have a growing handsome son who has no interest in following the father’s footsteps into filmdom.While it is not clear which profession Shah Rukh’s elder son Aryan wants to pursue,his father has made it very clear that Aryan doesn’t have the aptitude to be an actor.

Akshay’s eldest Aarav is showing a keen interest in the culinary arts. He wants to be a professional chef and his parents Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna are all for it.

“We would be happy with any profession that our children choose for themselves,” Akshay had told me during an interview some time ago.

It looks like the prolonged era of star-children is likely to end in the entertainment industry. While Akshay and Shah Rukh’s sons have categorically disowned claims to stardom, Hrithik Roshan’s sons and Ajay Devgan-Kajol’s children too are disinclined towards a career in the film industry.

On the other hand we now have actors who came in from the outside and fought nepotism pushing their kith and kin including spouses, into the movie business. Irony can go no further.

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