Taapsee Pannu talks about the film Haseena Dilruba and the genre of pulp fiction. Read here.

Taapsee Pannu’s  Haseena Dilruba will pay a tribute to Hindi pulp fiction

Remember the lurid jasoosi kahaniyan in the 1970s by Hindi pulp writers like Surender Mohan Pathak, Ved Prakash Sharma and Colonel Ranjeet? These novels sold off the rack on railway stations like samosas.

The look, feel, flavour and mood of those lurid novels will play a pivotal part in the Anand Rai produced jasoosi kahani Dilurba Haseena which features Taapsee Pannu like never before.

Says Taapsee, “Hindi pulp fiction will have a strong influence on this film. Again this is something I haven’t done before.”

2019 has been a spectacular year for her.

“And I am getting more excited about the year that’s coming,” says Taapsee.

The year begins for Taapsee with Anubhav Sinha’s Thappad.

“I play a regular average housewife. It’s a very quiet, docile character, the kind of housewife whose relationship is conditioned by patriarchal rules. She is taken for granted. It is a totally new zone for me,” says Taapsee.

Rest assured, Taapsee will surprise us as much as she will surprise herself during the coming year.

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