The fame and perks of the humongous success of Netflix’s Heeramandi have certainly benefitted all the actors out there as they continue to soak in all the love they are getting but if there is one person, it has affected the most – it has to be Taha Shah Badussha aka Tajdra. Ever since the show came out and has been on the viewing charts consistently, Shah Badussha has been a rage on social media where he seems to have developed a massive fan base, even more so female fans.

As it happens with someone who becomes the talking point, everything he does and everywhere he goes becomes the central point of attention – that happened with everyone’s beloved Tajdar as well. The actor was spotted on a dinner date recently with Heeramandi co-star Pratibha Ranta.

This led to everyone speculating about the duo dating each other. However, Shah Badussha has come forward and clarified these rumors, where he said that the only relationship he is in right now is with his work. He also mentioned that he wishes he would say that he is in love right now but currently, his responsibility is not to fall in love but to give it back to his mother and make her proud. He wants to focus on his work only and stand on his own two legs.

As of now, Taha Shah Badussha continues to rake in all the love as Tajdar and this might go on for a while.