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Taapsee Pannu's new trailer of Thappad has raised curiosity with the actress telling all not to recommend the trailer.

Thappad Taapsee tells us to not recommend the trailer

As the release of Anubhav Sinha’s Thappad approaches, the second trailer released on Tuesday shows Taapsee taking that slap from her incensed, inebriated husband at an office party.

She then looks at us and says, “ You are waiting for the trailer to move forward? Aap shayyad iss thappad se aage badh sakte hain, main nahin.”

She then proceeds to tell us to “report” this trailer, “Because just as there is no room for a slap in real life, there is no room for such videos on the internet. Make this the most reported video on the internet.”

Hmmm…clever. Now here’s the problem with such seeming righteousness of purpose. While Taapsee seems to be protesting against the culture of domestic violence, she very cleverly also tells viewers to let the world know that this trailer—and by extension, the film—has something to whip up our curiosity and a sizeable controversy.

When I congratulate Taapsee for the inventive trailer she says, “I hope we have our audiences’ trust until the 28th when the film releases.”

I remind her that she has gambled in the past on several occasions and emerged a winner, “Yes, but every time it is a new gamble. Let’s hope this one too works.”

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