Did Bigil film success get Actor Vijay in trouble: let's find out

Why Vijay’s Bigil film success got him in trouble

A few days ago, we reported the news of how Tamil actor Vijay was summoned and investigated by the Income Tax officials.

It is to be noted that it wasn’t just Vijay was who summoned randomly out of the blue. Before Vijay, it was his film financier of his last film Bigil, whose office was also investigated. Not only was the office searched but also the house was searched and the Income Tax Officials ended up recovering more than 77 crores from the house.

But this sudden urge to investigate didn’t happen overnight. A lot of it goes to the speculation around Bigil’s Box Office collection and the authenticity rumours around it.

As per reports, this led to IT officials suspecting about the source of the financier’s wealth. It definitely happens to be a rare case when an actor got into trouble and has to suffer questions from IT officials for delivering a successful movie.

What do you guys think of the entire scenario? Is Vijay just a scapegoat in the whole scenario? Let us know your views in comments section below.

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