Tamil actor Vijay, popularly known as 'Thalapathy' Vijay has announced his political reign. This clearly sends out a message that the Superstar is all set for a remarkable political journey.

From Being A Prolific Actor To His Foray Into Politics, ‘Thalapathy’ Vijay Has Always Followed His Mind

‘Thalapathy’ Vijay was once asked by the media, as to what he would do if he became the Chief Minister. This was asked during the promotion of Vijay’s film Sarkar in 2018. Pat had arrived the answer from Vijay, which now proves that he was so very true to what he said and meant. He had then answered, “If I become the chief minister, I will never act”. This made a huge statement that Vijay was unhappy about the unreal politics that happened around him. His answer had clearly sent out a message that the political forces in action were good actors and were not taking their position seriously.

Now, in 2024, we have Vijay announcing his own party, ‘Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam’. He has been very clear in his talks that he is positioning his political announcement against the politics of corruption and divisiveness.

Vijay in his announcement clearly stated that, “It is a fact that everyone is yearning for a governance that is selfless, transparent, corruption-free, and without caste or religious belief.”

Vijay has always been a man of action, and has been projected in Tamil Cinema over the years as an actor who has the mighty ‘saviour’ sort of image. You can name any film of his, and you will find him projecting to be the ultimate saviour of the masses. Not only did he project such a character onscreen, but has also verbally talked about what is right and what is wrong.

In his immensely studded acting career, Vijay has had his political clashes with both the big parties of Tamil Nadu, DMK and AIADMK. Vijay who is making his entry into active politics has clearly told that he will not consider politics as a profession. In his talk related to the announcement to media, Vijay has said that he will rather consider politics as, “a sacred service towards people.”

Vijay who has given Tamil Cinema enormous hits like Thuppakki, Nanban, Kaththi, Thalaivaa, Jilla, Puli, Mersal, Sarkar, Bigil, Master, Beast etc, is arguably one of the highest-paid actors down South.

Vijay’s superstardom will surely make way for him to achieve initial success in politics. Well, this is the tried and tested method employed by MGR too years back. Even though Vijay bears his roots in Christianity, he also comes from the backward Udayar community. His appeal and charisma transcend all religions, caste and class of people.

His clarity of mind when it comes to the current political situation which is an amalgamation of administrative deterioration, corruption and divisive politics, is in itself appealing to the masses. His message is very clear, and he promises to give Tamil Nadu the political change that they are looking at.

As soon as the 49-year-old Vijay announced his party, Vijay fans took to spontaneous celebrations. They visualize a leader in the making, who will take them to a more ‘transparent’ political run in Tamil Nadu.

Will Vijay make his presence felt with his new political vision in Tamil Nadu? We wish him luck!!