Aaliya Siddiqui has always been a woman who speaks her mind. And nothing changes with her entry in Big Boss.Admitting that Nawaz supported her decision to enter Bigg Boss, Aaliya is happy he took her children on a vacation so that she could be on the show.

Says Aaliya, “I have always been this person who is happy and cheerful. But life had its own script. As a woman, I have been an actor, an entrepreneur and producer… But I have always been identified as a star wife.When there is no respect in a relationship, then that relationship automatically becomes weak. But sadly it has also become your identity.”

Big Boss is Aaliya’s way of getting her life back. “Only I know what I have gone through in these 19 years. But I would never turn the clock back even if I could as my two lovely children are God’s blessings.

At the same time, when you realize that nobody is listening to you, somewhere you need to make your voice heard. Today, I need my wajood, my identity back.”

Aaliya wants to start life afresh.“I want to erase the shadow of a troubled marriage from my life.

That is why I am here in Bigg Boss. As myself with no prefixes and suffixes. This is simply me,” concludes Aaliya.