“Finally, I can see people calling me by my name,” says Abhishek Banerjee, getting wide recognition from the fans and the audience

Abhishek Banerjee is gaining widespread recognition from fans and audiences alike.

“Finally, I can see people calling me by my name," says Abhishek Banerjee, getting wide recognition from the fans and the audience 873212

Abhishek Banerjee is an exceptional talent in Indian cinema. He has proven his wide range of skills by taking on distinct characters, showcasing his craft-switching abilities. Following the success of Dream Girl 2, Abhishek stunned audiences with his performance as a grey-shaded character in the survival thriller ‘Apurva’. Fans and audiences are thrilled to see this versatile actor finally getting the recognition he deserves. They have waited for this day to see him touch the heights of success as a performer.

Talking about his journey in the entertainment industry and the recognition he got by working with characters of different genres, Abhishek Banerjee said, “Filmmakers have cast me in varied roles. They believe I can mold myself into different personalities. And I try to keep the characters close to myself.

Earlier, I was worried that I’d be typecast into goofball characters since I used to get only those characters. Thankfully, Paatal Lok happened at the right time.”

Continuing the same, Abhishek Banerjee also talked about the wide recognition he is getting among the audiences on the basis of versatility and said, “There was a time when I would be walking on the road and people would call me by my character’s name. I used to wonder when they would call me by my name,” he explains, adding, “That’s when I thought my good work would make them curious: ‘Yeh kaun aadmi hai jo itne different characters karta hai’. Finally, I can see people calling me by my name.”

Recently, Abhishek Banerjee was seen in Apurva where he delivered an outstanding performance that was praised by both the audiences and critics. The actor has some exciting projects lined up, including Stree 2, which is expected to release soon.

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