TVF Panchayat, India's beloved web series, celebrated its 4th anniversary and won the prestigious IFFI award from the Indian government.

From being the most loved show to winning big at IFFI: Indian government’s biggest honor for a web series; TVF Panchayat clocked 4 years of its release! 889914

Panchayat has been one of the most popular web series in India and very recently they won the IFFI award for Inaugural Best Indian web series. IFFI awards are the biggest honor for any web content in India and are equivalent to national awards for a movies.

TVF is one of the top content creators of today’s time. Since its inception in 2010, TVF has provided audiences with a wide variety of compelling, engaging and relatable content. Among all its offerings, Panchayat Seasons 1 and 2 stand out. The globally loved show, which aired on 3rd April 2020, completed four years since its release today.

The show Panchayat has garnered widespread acceptance from audiences of all age groups. It follows the story of an engineering graduate, played by Jitendra Kumar, who becomes a Panchayat secretary in the fictional village of Phulera in Uttar Pradesh due to a lack of job opportunities. The show is shot in real locations and has gained popularity among the audience due to its well-developed characters and storylines.

Panchayat was not only loved by the masses but is also famous around the memes world, With its famous memes like, ‘Dekh Raha Hai Binod’, ‘Gajab Bejaati Hai Yaar’, etc. The show also grabbed its presence on No. 88 in IMDb’s global list of top 250 TV shows.

The show received immense love from its viewers as it became the first-ever OTT show to make waves at the 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) held in Goa. It won the Inaugural OTT Award, which holds great significance and is equivalent to the National Awards given to films. Additionally, Panchayat was also nominated for Best Original Story, Screenplay, and Dialogues for Chandan Kumar.

Continuing the love and the success journey, the show is all set to arrive back on Amazon Prime Video with the third season. The show will be on air soon in 2024.

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