Abhishek Banerjee who is popularly known for his performances in Stree, Rana Naidu,Pataal Lok, Dream Girl franchise took to social media recently spoke on an ongoing conversation around Street Dogs and Human relationship. In the wake of tragic loss of a one-year-old due to an incident involving a community dog, very few known dignitaries spoke on the topic, one of the them was Abhishek Banerjee. Abhishek, who is popularly known for his portrayal of Hatodha Tyagi in Pataal Lok, an ardent dog lover, turns out to be a real one in life too.

Taking to social media, he wrote “In the wake of the tragic loss of a one-year-old due to an incident involving a community dog, my hearts ache for the family and the innocent child whose life was cut short. However, for someone like me who has always been an ardent dog lover, I have shared the most amazing moments of my life with both strays and domestic dogs. As innocent is a one year old child who passed away in the recent incident, dogs themselves don’t have the sensibility and are equally innocent. What happened recently, is heartbreaking and my wishes are with the parents. Resolving this issue requires a concerted effort from all sectors of society, guided by compassion, collaboration, and a commitment to ensuring the well-being of every individual, human and animal alike.”


Hathoda Tyagi's Real-Life Stand for Street Dogs: Abhishek Banerjee Advocates for Compassion and Collaboration in Wake of Tragic Incident Involving a Community Dog Killing a One Year Old 884291

Meanwhile, on the work front, Abhishek Banerjee will be seen in Stree 2, Rana Naidu 2, Vedaa amongst many others.