After the incident in Uttarakhand, schools are taking their students to watch Pooja Entertainment's Mission Raniganj.

Post Uttrakhand incident, schools take students to watch Pooja Entertainment’s Mission Raniganj!

Pooja Entertainment’s highly acclaimed movie ‘Mission Raniganj’ is now available on the popular streaming platform Netflix. The rescue thriller drama features a powerful performance by Akshay Kumar in the lead role, portraying the courageous and resilient Jaswant Singh Gill. The movie tells the thrilling and intriguing story of a rescue mission that took place in 1989, similar to the recent Uttarakhand tunnel collapse incident that has shocked the nation. The film sheds light on the importance of such rescue missions and showcases the bravery of those involved. In fact, schools are now taking their students to watch ‘Mission Raniganj’ to inspire and educate them about the significance of such missions.

After its theatrical and digital release, the film ‘Mission Raniganj’ is making waves across all sections of society. Many schools in the country are showing the film to their students to teach them about rescue missions. The aim is to introduce children to the bravery of Sardar Jaswant Singh Gill. The subject of the film is of great relevance to society, especially after a recent major rescue operation in Uttarakhand where many coal mine workers were successfully saved.

After having a healthy run on the big screens, the film recently had a grand release on the OTT platform Netflix.

After its digital release, the film produced by Pooja Entertainment received an overwhelming response from the audience. Many people who missed the film during its theatrical release watched it on the digital platform and praised it for its subject, performances, music, and other aspects. The unanimous love shown by the audience towards the film was remarkable.

The film talks about the story of a valiant mission led by the courageous Late Jaswant Singh Gill to rescue coal miners in 1989 as ‘Mission Raniganj’ starring Akshay Kumar.

The film, which is produced by Vashu Bhagnani, Jackky Bhagnani, Deepshikha Deshmukh, and Ajay Kapoor, is directed by Tinu Suresh Desai and features music by Jjust Music. It promises to bring to life the coal mine accident that shook not only the nation but also the world. The movie showcases the relentless dedication of the rescue team, led by Jaswant Singh Gill, and offers audiences an unforgettable cinematic experience. The film is currently screening in cinemas and is also available for streaming on Netflix.