Superstar Ranveer Singh recently grabbed headlines when he was seen covered in turmeric at Ambani-Merchant’s turmeric ceremony. The picture quickly went viral, exciting fans as it reminded them of his iconic role as Khilji, particularly the memorable scene from the blockbuster film Padmaavat. In that scene, Ranveer Singh’s character, Alauddin Khilji, smears his face with Holi colors, showcasing his eccentric and unpredictable nature in a sinister manner.

Many fans were nostalgic when they noticed the striking resemblance between a real-life moment and an iconic film scene in Padmaavat. What many don’t know is that this unforgettable moment was actually a result of Ranveer Singh’s creative input.

A source close to the project shared an interesting behind-the-scenes story, saying, “The team was thinking what to do differently with the scene and Ranveer specifically because Khilji is unpredictable and lonely as a character. That’s when Ranveer came up with a very unique characterisation that in the absence of having anybody to play Holi with and his longing for Padmaavati, he smears his face with Gulaal in the tray, holding onto a sinister expression. It was an improvisational thought and the maestro Sanjay sir loved the thought which he incorporated into the film. That’s how the scene came to be and became an iconic scene.”

This is another example of Ranveer Singh’s dedication to his craft and his ability to bring a unique touch to his characters. His portrayal of Alauddin Khilji in Padmaavat is one of his most celebrated performances. The Holi color scene is one of the most memorable and visually striking moments in the film, making it an iconic one.