At a prestigious awards function held last night, the presence of the talented actress Ridhi Dogra sent waves of excitement rippling through the venue. The event, attended by fans, photographers, and industry luminaries, witnessed a surge of enthusiasm owing to the mega success of her blockbuster film ‘Jawan’ which is currently lighting up theaters.

The actress found herself at the epicenter of a fan frenzy, as eager admirers clamored for selfies with the star. The constant flash of cameras and the chant of ‘Jawan’ from the enthusiastic photographers created an electric atmosphere, marking a truly overwhelming moment for Ridhi Dogra.

Talking about Jawan’s success, Ridhi says “The whole nation is talking about it..” She adds, “I am just grateful that I am a part of project like this. And the amount of hardwork that has gone into it. I have witnessed it. I just feel great for the whole team. The people behind the camera mostly, who have worked so hard and now everything is coming through for them.”

View Instagram Post 1: Ridhi Dogra on her mega successfully running film, Jawaan, says, “The whole nation is talking about i…I am just grateful that I am a part of project like this”

For her red carpet appearance, the actress opted for an effortlessly stylish black outfit that perfectly blended comfort with elegance. Her choice of attire not only radiated confidence but also highlighted her impeccable fashion sense. Meanwhile, on the work front, the actress will be seen in Tiger 3.