TVF has indeed created waves with its captivating and compelling shows. The success of Panchayat has provided evidence of their strong hold on narrative that resonates with a large section of the audience. While TVF has many amazing shows, they also feature fabulous actors, one of whom is Tillotama Shome, who shared her experience of getting associated with TVF.

TVF, (The Viral Fever), has revolutionized the digital entertainment space in India with its unique content and relatable stories. This year, they started with ‘Sapne vs. Everyone’ and followed with releases like ‘Panchayat’, ‘Kota Factory’, and ‘Gullak’, and also started the first ever weekly show called ‘Very Parivarik’!

Tillotama Shome believes that while there are plenty of successful shows; it was truly meeting the founders of TVF that drew her into the role. “The fact is how they built TVF and how they gave voices to the stories that no one was telling… I felt I entered a building that had a very strong foundation. And if the foundation is so strong, you can build many floors on it, you can really scale up,” Tillotama says.

“In my mid-40s, I value the importance of young people and how it relates with me, and I believe that if I care for the future, I must engage with them. The reason, I feel, it has gotten so much love is because of the population whose dreams and aspirations were completely ignored by us. I feel TVF figured this gap and that’s why they enjoy the success that they have.” added Tillotama.

This not only amplifies the excitement for the upcoming shows but also highlights TVF’s commitment to high-quality storytelling.