TVF (The Viral Fever) has captured the attention of the audience with its highly relatable and engaging content. The content creators have recently released a new show called ‘Very Parivarik’, which brings a fresh and relatable narrative to the audience. Since its release, the show has received heaps of praise from the audience and is worth being recognized as a spectacular addition.

The TVF’s show ‘Very Parivarik’ is being loved by the audience. The show revolves around a modern-day couple who successfully adjust to their parents. The audience is showering immense praise on the show, admiring the mind-blowing writing, the background score, and many other aspects. Audiences are finding it relatable and appreciating different moments from the show that are capturing their attention.

TVF is currently dominating IMDb’s global list of top 250 TV shows, with a maximum number of their shows featured on the list. In fact, they have seven shows on the list, which is more than any other content producer from the nation. Moreover, TVF has an exciting show lined up for release in 2024. Additionally, the audience can look forward to seeing the next seasons of some of their most loved shows, including Panchayat, Kota Factory, and Gullak.