Indian superstar and entrepreneur Vijay Deverakonda takes a bold step into the fashion industry with the relaunch of his apparel brand, 'RWDY - Street Indian Culture.' The announcement, made through a compelling video on his social media channels, introduces a brand-new philosophy and vision for the fashion line.


The heart of RWDY lies in its powerful mantra — ‘Reclaiming Your Indian Superiority.’ In the video, narrated by Vijay Deverakonda himself, the charismatic actor outlines the brand’s philosophy, emphasizing the need to embrace and celebrate India’s rich heritage and culture. The narrative delves into history, asserting that India’s forefathers were kings before external influences disrupted the nation’s prosperity, leaving it in debt and fighting for survival. The video passionately declares that the time has come for India to reclaim its respect on the global stage.

“We are not here to play; we are here to take over and make the world say namaste,” declares Vijay Deverakonda in the video and the brand aims to empower individuals with a sense of pride in their Indian identity, fostering a connection to the nation’s cultural roots.

Indians were the kings of fashion and the textile industry and the original market leaders and trendsetters. Indian cloth and fashion were exported all around the world. Every piece of RWDY designed, made, bought, and worn is the brand’s way of reclaiming Indian superiority in fashion. Starting from the streets of India, RWDY aims to take over the streets of the world.

The rebranded RWDY features a fresh logo and an all-new collection that encapsulates the essence of Indian culture and heritage. Due to its significance in ancient traditions, religions, and mythology, the lotus was chosen as the siren of the brand (RWDY). The collection, set to drop on December 6th, promises to be a unique blend of contemporary street style with traditional Indian elements.

The quality and design of RWDY’s products and their focus on creating a movement that reclaims our rich cultural supremacy with the utility and convenience of contemporary design have enabled them to create experiences that currently define and differentiate. This has inspired a movement where fashion is no longer fast but something that connects us to our roots, our history, our people, and inspires the world to join our rich culture. RWDY aims to make clothes that can be passed onto future generations of friends and family—pieces to hold and feel proud about owning.

Vijay Deverakonda expressed his enthusiasm when he announced the brand’s relaunch on his social media, as he posted, “A new wave. An era of pride. Rooted in Indian Culture, Let Culture reign the streets. Time to reclaim Indian Supremacy. Let the revolution begin.”
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With this ‘RWDY – Street Indian Culture’ is positioned to become a prominent player in the fashion industry, challenging norms and setting new standards for self-expression through clothing.