She arrived with the crown of Miss World. She owned her presence in the glamour world with her sheer elegance and conviction. Yes, she is, Manushi Chhillar, who is not just a known face but also a personality worth reckoning with. Immensely loved and adored by millions, Nothing much to surprise, this new girl from the pageant world is a new face every filmmaker and brand across the world wants to have on their posters. Top brands around the world are thronging the registers of this young beautiful girl for endorsing their products that too at such early years in her career.

The day Manushi booked her magnificent triumph on the world level by winning the crown of Miss World in 2017, she profoundly grabbed the eyeballs of the masses. In no time, she started to grab offers for films and top endorsements. While the Pageant winner went on to sign a big film with the biggest superstar of Bollywood, today she has become a superstar in herself who is an icon for many national and international brands. There is clearly no stopping for the actress as time and again she has been spotted numerous times traveling to different locations for meeting the shooting commitments of her upcoming projects. Hence, Manushi is doing well in both worlds.

While the demand for Manushi is constantly on the surge, she has now been chased by top brands across different sectors. Come what may, from luxury hospitality to fashion to skin care, Manushi is in demand in the brand world. It indeed gives an example of the true economic market value that Manushi can able to justify.

She is indeed young enough to have signed such a big brand but nothing to doubt she is competent enough to deserve one. It’s definitely worth an inspiration that at such an early stage in her career, she has arrived like a storm in the brand world. With her pretty face, charming aura, and elegance, Manushi does have a lot to offer to a brand to epitomize her as a perfect fit for their brand with a high resonance with the millions of people out there.

Apparently, she has signed a deal with one of the best luxury chains of hotels while she has already an enchanting face of top lifestyle brands of the world. Today, Manushi has been chased by top brands. While we consider this is just the beginning of her career, the audience must be waiting to watch her more on the international front bringing glory to our country.