Here's why we can get used to seeing Robert Pattinson as the new Batman

Why Fans Wanted Robert Pattinson as a New Batman?

Nobody wished to see the shining vampire from the Twilight series turn to Batman. Robert Pattinson was best represented by our favorite chick flick romantic film Twilight. It was hard for fans, especially Batman fans, to see him as the new face for the Gotham savior Batman. But well, he certainly shocked us, and we can’t help but admit that Pattinson as Batman was a perfect choice and fit.

Why Fans Wanted Robert Pattinson as a New Batman? 1

Warner Bros chose Robert Pattinson to be the new face of Bruce Wayne as our new Batman. Fans certainly did express their sour feelings towards this choice, but when the trailer for the film set to release in 2021 was dropped, it changed everyone’s opinion, and now we can’t help but exclaim him to be the best Batman of all time.

Why is Robert Pattinson the best person to fit for Batman? Well, looking up at his Twilight days, he was the perfect vampire that became the hottest man in Hollywood. He was no superhero but did have the fastest, extraordinary strength, and more qualities. He will be portrayed as rich, dark, and more than a Batman wield in the Batman franchise. He certainly will be able to pull the act to perfection, and we would love to see Robert Pattinson in action. And so all the indicators point towards him being able to make a good batman than a bad one.

Why Fans Wanted Robert Pattinson as a New Batman? 2

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