Who is your favourite Ragini between Kainaz Motivala and Karishma Sharma

Kainaz Motivala VS Karishma Sharma: Your Favourite Ragini From Ragini MMS?

If you are a lover of the horror-thriller genre, there’s absolutely no way you can afford to miss out on the superhit Ragini MMS series. So far, we have had two parts. The first one had Kainaz Motivala sharing screen space with the very amazing Rajkummar Rao whereas the sequel had Karishma Sharma and Varun Sood in the lead roles. Both Kainaz and Karishma Sharma are exceptionally hot and are known to raise the temperature with their hotness quotient every time they come on screen.

From killing it the high-octane intense and scary scenes to giving their sexiest expressions on-screen during the hot and bold scenes, Karishma and Kainaz have truly done a fabulous job making it all the way more difficult for fans to compare as to who was better.

Both Kainaz and Karishma have their own charm and style which lures the audience to the theatres and certainly, both of them have played a huge role behind the success of the movies. As we said, it’s truly difficult to compare but readers, if you had to pick just one between both as your ‘favourite’ Ragini, who would it be and why?

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