Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt stole the spotlight at this year’s Met Gala with her stunning debut appearance. The talented star donned a mesmerizing Prabal Gurung gown, featuring voluminous layers and delicate pearls, that left onlookers in awe. Alia’s proud father, Mahesh Bhatt, has since spoken out about how this incredible opportunity will bolster her visibility on the international stage. As one of the biggest events in the fashion calendar, the Met Gala provides a prime platform for Alia to showcase her talent and gain wider recognition beyond her native India. It is clear that her star power is shining brighter than ever before.

Mahesh Bhatt on Alia Bhatt’s Met Gala debut

Talking to ETimes, Mahesh Bhatt said, ‘I see Alia’s visit to the Met Gala event as a precursor to the release of Heart of Stone which is a Netflix-priced asset that they are releasing somewhere towards the end of this year. So, I think this kind of sets the mood for her to be more visible in that landscape and then slowly build up from there.”

He added, “Cannes and Met Gala are prestigious events and the world keeps its eyes on these events. The international upmarket, glamor brands look for a face to represent them in our country, which has got a huge population and a growing sizeable upper middle class that has an appetite for products manufactured by these labels. I think that is also one of the possible targets that Alia may be having to strike.”

Alia on her Met Gala debut

Earlier talking about the same, Alia Bhatt revealed how she talked to Priyanka Chopra, for she was feeling nervous during her debut at Met Gala. She said in a video, “When you first talk about major events globally, the first event that comes to your mind is the MET gala and of course, we keep looking at images every year. In terms of attention, focus and excitement, I can see the energy on the street. That nervousness is gonna really hit me. The thing is again, I am so socially awkward and shy. It’s very strange how I am an actor and I’m like literally in the movie business that requires you to be, you know, centre stage, spotlight, being like whatever.”

She also mentioned how PeeCee came to her rescue as Alia needed to go to the bathroom at Met Gala.