Dwayne Johnson, also known as ‘The Rock,’ has been in the spotlight for his movies and action, but the actor has recently been making headlines for a different cause, with everyone on social media complimenting him. In fact, Dwayne Johnson gave one of his admirers his personal truck. Yes, the video was uploaded on social media by the actor himself. A fan can be seen reading a note put on the truck in the video. ‘Thank you, brother, for your service, and enjoy your new truck,’ it said. The fan becomes emotional after reading this and expresses his admiration for Dwayne Johnson by hugging him tightly.

Why did Dwayne Johnson choose Oscar Rodriguez of the US Navy to be the recipient of the gift? ‘When I first learned about the audience, Oscar Rodriguez’s narrative impressed me,’ Dwayne Johnson said. He is responsible for his 75-year-old mother. He has a personal trainer who is also a church leader. ‘Helps and feeds women who are victims of domestic violence.’ Oscar Rodriguez of the United States Navy received his personal truck from Dwayne Johnson for Christmas this year.

Oscar Rodriguez used his Instagram account to post images of himself with the truck that Dwayne Johnson had given him. He has also provided a very cute caption, ‘I don’t have words to express how lucky and grateful I am,’ when sharing these photos. Everyone on social media has complimented the star for his kindness.

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