IWMBuzz brings to you the occasion when Arijit Singh opened up about proposing his wife Koyel Roy. Read the story for more details

Aww: Arijit Singh shares that moment when he proposed his wife Koyel Roy

Arijit Singh is without any doubt the most versatile singer of today’s time and age. Almost every song of his manages to delve deep into the heart with a lot of perfection and poise, so much so that one often gets mesmerized hearing the melody. Arijit’s romantic songs are always trending and his heartbreak songs are the go-to songs for people who are dealing with complications in their love life. But have you ever wondered how Arijit Singh’s own love life has been?

Arijit once revealed when asked about his current wife Koel Roy and we quote –

‘We used to study together. There was no official proposal as such. We had a lot of understanding and it worked that way. She’s very shy though. Henceforth, it was me who had to propose and I proposed. Since then, we are together.’

Well, wasn’t it interesting to know about Arijit’s own love life? Looks very blessed and sorted though for a man with the most trending heartbreak songs. Keep reading IWMBuzz for more such interesting updates.

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