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Cardi B has dominated the rap music industry ever since she made her debut with her first EP in 2016, and she has no intention of giving up her position any time soon. Her music has many memorable moments because it has been associated with empowering and terrible b*tch spirit. Cardi keeps things hot on Instagram, but her lyrics are just as hot. For your Instagram captions, you should include some of the best Cardi B lyrics since your account needs all the fire and flamingos. Sincerely, Queen Cardi, your fans and daily photos deserve nothing less.

After its release in April 2018, Cardi’s debut studio album, Invasion of Privacy, really cemented her reputation. Every song was a hit, but fans kept playing the lead single,” “Bodak Yellow,” over and again. The catchy lyric about red bottoms and Saint Laurent seemed to be coming from car speakers, supermarkets, and bodegas everywhere you turned.

As Cardi dropped her next huge track, her words held a firm grip on culture. When “WA” debuted in August 2020, it not only quickly established itself as the summer’s most popular song but also sparked a popular social media trend. Teenagers, parents, and people of all ages couldn’t get enough of the “WA” TikTok dance, and tens of thousands of videos incorporating the song appeared online.

Few rappers have the instantaneous cultural impact that Cardi possesses, but then again, there is only one Cardi. So, as always, don’t settle for a subpar Instagram photo by underestimating all the options. Your next photo is going to be beyond fire with a little bit of Bardigang inspiration, and Cardi B has got your back with all of her most recent hits.

“”Look, Idon’tt dance now. I make money moves”” —” “Bodak Yello””
“”Boy, you better treat me carefully”” —” “Be Carefu””
“”Beyoncé on my stereo. Resentment on repeat”” —” “Thru Your Phon””
“Moonwalkin” through your clique”” —” “Bartier Cardi (feat. 21 Savage””
“”Fleek the definition of me. I keep it in check, papi. I am a whole different breed”” —” “On Flee””
“Ain’tt norunnin” up on me. Went from nothing to glory”” —””Get Up 1″”
“”Diamonds on me, what’ss the price? I’mm not gettin” involved with the hype”” —” “Drip (feat. Migos””

“”I gave you everything. What’ss mine is yours. I want you to live your life of course, but I hope you get what you dying for”” —” “Be Carefu””

“”You know what I want and what I need, baby”” —” “Please M””

“”And I just checked my accounts. Turns out, I’mm rich, I’mm rich, I’mm rich”” —” “Bodak Yello””

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