True healing through music exists. It calms, refreshes, and energizes you as you listen to it. Any bad day can become good, thanks to good music, which helps you ignore all your problems. The first artist that comes to mind when discussing musicians who have produced enduringly famous and hugely popular music is the musical genius, A R Rahman. So many of the songs that AR Rahman has written are deeply ingrained in our hearts and thoughts and give us goosebumps each time we hear them. As a result, you can listen to this list of some of AR Rahman’s best tracks.

Here Is The List –

1. Kun Faya Kun

When you are in extreme anguish, ‘Kun Faya Kun’ is a song that soothes your spirit and gives your mind and heart serenity. The words of this song teach us that the Lord is more significant than all things and that he is very present and travels with us, leading us through the road known as “Life.” It provides us great comfort to spend our lives with the colours of light and to emerge from the darkness.

2. Tere Bina

“Tere Bina” deepens the sadness that a person experiences when a loved one is gone. It helps us understand the value of a person because once they are gone, they are forever gone. If you’re ready to forget and pardon, relationship problems are simple to fix. But because their disappearance always kills you from within, living without a loved one is utterly impossible.

3. Jashan-E-Bahara

“Jashan-e-Bahara” develops around a man utterly in love and the love that has grown around him. In addition to trying to bridge the gap between two people who are close but apart, this song goes through the listener’s spirit and teaches him the true meaning of love. Furthermore, it discusses nature’s splendours and the emotions kept secret in one’s heart.

4. Yeh Haseen Vadiya

“Yeh Haseen Vadiya” nurtures the love between two spirits who stick together while they are separated and wander together in the woods. It is about the joy and contentment they experience while spending time together. It involves committing to remain together for as long as there is life and to love one another until there is life.

5. Dil Se Re

“Dil Se Re” echoes in one’s soul, reminding him that each morning brings fresh opportunities for hope and achievement. It teaches us that our hearts are an integral component of our bodies and that they will hurt when we are unhappy and be joyful when we are. The only thing required is to care for ourselves and allow our deeds to speak for ourselves.

6. Tu Hi Re

Only a few years had passed since AR Rahman began writing music for motion pictures, but the album Bombay is the ideal introduction to his extraordinary ability. A young Rahman works timeless wonders with the legends Hariharan and Kavita Krishnamurthy—the traditional love anthem across several generations.

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