The MTV VMAs have historically been a platform for musicians to experiment with their style during their close to four decades as an awards program. Who could forget Lil Kim’s purple pasties at the 1999 VMAs red carpet? Lady Gaga’s raw meat outfit from 2010 is one of the most famous pop culture events. Doja Cat has definitely borrowed from Gaga and Kim when it comes to her own style because she excels at the nexus of hip-hop and pop genres. Doja toes the line between alarming and playful, whether she’s charmingly draped in chiffon or sporting an exact stool on her head as a hat, demonstrating she’s having more fun with fashion than anybody else in music.

When it comes to her style, Doja’s dedication to an idea contributes to the success of her shock value. Watching her music videos, and performances, and admiring her stunning red carpet ensembles make it very evident that it has been a significant component of her craft since her breakthrough moment. Doja has embraced cat-like appearances throughout her career to match her moniker, caught disco fever with ’70s-inspired clothing during the release of her No. 1 song “Say So,” and go out of this planet with a futurist approach to her outfits surrounding the time of her most recent album, Planet Her.

Doja’s live performances heavily incorporate her conceptual aesthetic as well. With her Vevo Lift performance of “Say So” in 2020, she played up the cat-lover origins of her name and added campy aspects to decidedly traditional aesthetics. Her wig was hot pink in hue with fluffy cat ears and was bobbed and curled in the manner of Marilyn Monroe. She wore a Garo Sparo bodice with a sweetheart neckline that was designed to resemble the classic Playboy bunny cocktail waitress costumes worn for Halloween. Check out some of Doja Cat’s wildest outfits ever.