Doja Cat

Doja Cat’s Songs list examines a well-known performer and rapper. Over 12 million albums and singles have been sold globally by her. Throughout her career, she has received various accolades. The American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Billboard Women and Music Awards, BMI Pop Awards, BMI R&B Hip-Hop Awards, etc. are only a few of the honors. “Candy,” “Juicy,” “Woman,” “Need to Know,” and “Like That” are a few of her top songs. Due to her abilities as a singer, rapper, and dancer, Doja Cat is a triple threat. She writes songs. Throughout her career, she has had to deal with scandal, but she has managed to get through it. Few musicians have the ability to rap and sing on their own tracks.


“Candy” from the album Amala is the opening track. The song contains a trap, r&b, and hip-hop beat. The sexual content of the seductive song. The song is intended for romantically close couples. Although Doja Cat is comfortable with her sexuality, the lyrics aren’t overly explicit. To describe sex, she uses metaphors. Although the song isn’t intended for small children, she never goes too far and prevents it from being broadcast on the radio.


The album Planet Her contains a female-oriented song. It features a beat that is Afro, pop, r&b, and reggae. The motivating music is about variety and femininity. It recounts a tale of what being a lady is like. It describes a system in which men compete against women. She expresses her desire to be with a man in the song as well. She informs him of her desire to be his lady and her motivations for doing so.

Enrique Iglesias

The Latin music king, Enrique Iglesias, is well regarded. His birthday is May 5, 1975, and he is a singer, record producer, and composer from Spain and the Philippines. Fonovisa Records, a Mexican independent record label, was where Enrique Iglesias started his career in the middle of the 1990s and became the finest Spanish performer. He broke the record for most Spanish-language singles to reach the top spot on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks with 27.

Enrique Iglesias’s studio album Euphoria, which was released in May 2010, features a fantastic song called “I Like It.” Rapper Pitbull of the United States contributes to the electropop song. With new vocals, the song incorporates a section of the tune from Lionel Richie’s single “All Night Long.”

Enrique Iglesias’ sixth studio album, Euphoria, contains the pure pop dance song “Dirty Dancer,” which features Usher from the United States. A stunning and threatening woman is shown in the club-friendly tune. The song received Gold certification in the USA and Australia.

Beautiful and loaded with feelings, this song is wonderful. Enrique Iglesias’ eighth studio album, Insomniac, featured the lead song, “Do You Know.” Latinradio’s Dimelo, a Spanish rendition, debuted at the top.

Justin Bieber

It has been over ten years since Justin Bieber first rose to prominence in pop culture. The person who many people believed would never rise above the sea of YouTube cam stars continues to maintain power over both his devoted audience and the general public, captivating us all with a combination of his uncannily catchy pop melodies and his never-ending supply of tabloid fodder.

Thought about you

One of the album’s overlooked songs is “Thought about you,” which appears in Justin Bieber’s Believe Deluxe edition from 2012. Throughout the song, the line “infatuated with a female and falling in love with only the thought of them” appears. The evergreen songs “Beauty and a Beat” and “Boyfriend” are on the same album as “Thought of you,” yet you just can’t help but want to get up and dance to it since it’s so lively and infectious.

Die in your arms

A song called “Die In Your Arms” from the 2012 album “Believe” stirs up as much emotion as it does joy. The song’s soothing and lovely lyrics are accompanied by a step-clap-like sound. It blends all the best aspects of sweetness, kindness, and serenading.