Have a listen to these 5 Justin Bieber Tracks That Are The Ideal Soundtrack To Falling In Love.

Happy Hour: Listen To Justin Bieber’s True Love Songs

Justin Bieber certainly understands how to write an epic love song. This time, Bieber was inspired by his own love journey with his wife, Hailey, and it shows. When you’re in love, there’s something special about a love song. All of the lines that used to make your eyes roll suddenly make perfect sense. All of the need, desire, and excitement for the newness of love really rings true. And the beauty of Justin Bieber’s music is that it encapsulates all of that. His albums have dealt with the ups and downs of love. Here are five of Justin Bieber’s finest love songs.

“You Deserve It” – Justin Bieber

First and foremost, you deserve to be loved. Period. Nevertheless, if there are times when you believe you don’t because the person you’re falling for is really great, this song speaks to those fleeting doubts.

“Peaches” by Justin Bieber, with GIVON and Daniel Caesar.

This one is for when you’re craving for and fantasizing about your new love’s touch. That may seem clichéd, but we’ve all been there.

“2 Much” Justin Bieber’s

This song is about the sensation during the honeymoon period when every second spent apart feels like an eternity.

“As Long As You Love Me,” by Justin Bieber, with Big Sean.

Love isn’t everything in a relationship, but it’s a terrific place to start. Because, let’s be honest, when you first fall for someone, it seems like everything.

“It’s All That Matters” Justin Bieber’s

There’s something quite amazing about meeting someone who feels like your true other half. The finest form of love is one that not only makes you feel whole (though you are whole even when you are alone), but also makes you feel like the best version of yourself.