Look at this list of the top 5 Justin Bieber's songs that will make you fall in love.

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Justin Bieber is a well-known Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor. Scooter Braun, a talent manager, discovered him on YouTube and instantly signed him to Island Records. He quickly gained a large social media following and rose to prominence with his debut album, “My World 2.0,” which contained hit singles including “Baby” and “Someone to Love.”

Since then, Justin Bieber has published several successful albums, including “Believe” and “Purpose,” and has garnered several awards for his music, including a Grammy Award, various American Music Awards, and multiple Billboard Music Awards.

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“Peaches” from Justin Bieber’s Justice album is the first song on our list. The song’s beat mixes pop, r&b, trap, and soul. The cryptic tune might be about a few different topics. First, it may be about him describing a hot Georgia female. He describes her as a “peach.” This song might be about his wife, Hailey Baldwin as well. The passionate lyrics indicate that the song is about his wife.


The song has a pop/r&b vibe to it. This probing song examines the ups and downs of celebrity. The song is about people placing superstars on pedestals just to watch them crumble. It’s the first time Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes have collaborated. It was only natural for them to collaborate because they had a Canadian connection.

Love Yourself

The Purpose album has this melancholy song as well. Pop music underpins it. A former lover who injured him is the subject of the kiss, of course. He views her as egotistical. The woman, in his opinion, loves herself excessively. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have dated in the past. She might have found this music appealing. The song’s trivia can be found here. This song was written for the album by singer Ed Sheeran. When Justin Bieber requested to record it, he planned to eliminate the song.

Stuck With You

The music has a pop feel to it. The ability to spend time with someone you love is the subject of this tender song. The song has two possible meanings. Spending time with a lover, girlfriend, or family member could be the subject. You also decide what you think the song is about in this one. Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber wanted to record the song for a good cause.

Somebody To Love

He declares his love for the girl he seeks in this cheerful song. He makes any sacrifice for her. Simple and direct, that’s how this song is. He articulates feelings regarding others that we have all experienced at some point. That Justin Bieber was more than simply an adolescent idol was demonstrated by this song. He could deal with complex issues. The club-friendly song is the subject of the following trivia. Usher’s Raymond v. Raymond album was originally going to include the song.

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