Enrique Iglesias has produced a number of successful songs throughout the times. Whether you want to learn further about this artist's music or want to hear some of his biggest successes, these top 5 successful tracks will help you.

Enrique Iglesias's Top 5 Famous Songs To Listen Today

Spanish songster- tunesmith- actor- record patron Enrique Iglesias is a well-known artist. He has been a part of the music business for a long time, and he has had a tonne of success with both English and Spanish- language megahit songs. In addition to being constantly played on the radio, at events, and in clubs, his music is adored by millions of suckers around the world. The stylish five songs by Enrique Iglesias are listed then for your listening enjoyment.

“Bailando” 2014 saw the debut of “Bailando,” a hit Spanish song. Cuban voice Descemer Bueno and the group Gente de Zona both appear in the song. It came to a global smash and peaked at number one in Spain, Italy, and France, among other nations. More than 3 billion people have viewed the music videotape of all time on YouTube with views.

Spanish music from 2018 called “El Bao” was made available. It relates to the story of a man who meets a girl in a bar and ultimately has a romantic hassle with her in the bathroom. The song features Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny. The song was a huge hit in Latin America, and the music video on YouTube has had over 1 billion views.

“Duele el Corazón” (2016)

Spanish music from 2016 called “Duele el Corazón” was released. Wisin, a reggaeton musician from Puerto Rico, is featured in the song, which was a great smash in Europe and Latin America. More than 1.7 billion people have watched the song video on YouTube; it has a great melody and a lively pace.

“Hero” (2001)

Enrique Iglesias wrote the timeless English ballad “Hero,” which was published in 2001. The romantic ballad tune became a major hit all over the world. It was at the top of the charts in a number of nations, including the UK, Australia, and Spain. Enrique’s voice fits the amorous lyrics perfectly, and the song has a lovely tune.

“Escape” (2001)

The English song “Escape” was published in 2001 as well. The song features an upbeat tempo and a memorable chorus. Numerous other artists have covered it since it became a huge sensation in the US and other countries. Around 50 million people have viewed the music video on YouTube, and the song is still a crowd favorite.

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