Rahman is a maestro of the music industry who has been recognised on national and international platforms innumerable times.

Our Favorite AR Rahman International Movie Tracks

To make a successful movie, everything from the storyline to the star cast and from the dialogues to the wonderful soundtracks and music, all have to be in complete sync. When it comes to music, A.R Rahman is one of the biggest sensations in the music industry. In fact, not just in India but even internationally the singer cum music director and composer has mesmerized everyone with his masterstrokes.

The Academy award winner music director doesn’t use mixing much and we already know that he is the maestro who would never really need it either. He is an international sensation par excellence and his work has been speaking for him, for decades now. Every soundtrack he has sung or composed has always found its way to our hearts.

Here are some of Rahman’s international movie tracks that have mesmerized us over the years-

‘If I Rise’ – 127 Hours
This wonderful song featured a perfect vocal combination of Dido and was nominated for Academy Awards.

‘Sajna’ and ‘The Waterfall’ – Couple’s Retreat
This is one more masterstroke by the legend that left the audience spellbound with its nodes and won tremendous accolades along the way.

‘O Saya’, ‘Dreams on Fire’, ‘Mausam’, ‘Jai Ho’… Slumdog Millionaire
These are the songs that Indians are very savvy about because they make us proud of our heritage. Each of these songs has made a special place in our hearts because of their wonderful soundtracks, composing and even the resonating lyrics!

‘Family Pictures’ – People Like Us
Another wonderful soundtrack that is beautifully composed and is full of wonderful music.

Rahman is the Sachin Tendulkar of music for Indians and rightfully so! His work has not only to be entertaining and joyous but has also inspired in one way or the other.

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