Instead, the 20-year-old singer spends a lot of time thinking back on the trauma she had as a young person whose career unexpectedly took off, thrusting her — and all of her growing pains — into the public eye. She told Rolling Stone in June, “I went through some insane crap, and it truly damaged me and made me not want to go near anyone ever.” After going to counseling and going through a terrible breakup, which is alluded to in songs like “I Didn’t Change My Number” and “Happier Than Ever,” she began to feel better on her When We All Fall Asleep tour. Her mother provided her with some sage advice on how to handle this.

Track-by-track and mood-by-mood breakdowns of each song from Happier Than Ever are provided below.


With the mellow vocals of Eilish dominating the song “Goodbye,” the album “When We All Fall Asleep…” ends on somewhat of a snooze-inducing note. It functions best in terms of where it is situated on the album as the third and final act of a three-part farewell that combines various components, sounds, and moments from throughout the album.

Lost Cause

It’s amazing how well “Lost Cause” captures emotion. It captures the joy of a fresh start when letting go of a slacker ex-lover feels like an enormous victory. Eilish lays her rules for moving on atop a heavy bassline: cry openly, laugh off the hurt whenever possible, and most importantly, be ready to do it all with your greatest friends.

Bury a friend

When We All Fall Asleep single was a declaration song in the same style as Lorde’s defiant breakthrough hit, “Royals.” But although that song was full of life, love, and fun, “Bury A Friend” is more in line with the self-aware attitude of Generation Z.

When I was older

Another illustration of Eilish’s insightful analysis. Billie transforms the arresting images and lines from Roma, the Oscar-winning movie directed by Alfonso Cuarón, into a minimalist masterpiece on “When I Was Older.”

Therefore I Am

The straightforward message of the song’s hook—”Rise above all of the adversaries, envy, and haters”—is what gives “Therefore I Am” its initial enchantment. You can just see Eilish twirling her hair over an elastic blend of deep bass and low, booming beats as she fires off rounds of witty yet playful jabs.

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