Recent sightings of Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford together have led to rumors that the two were out on a date.

The singer Billie Eilish was recently photographed out to dinner with Jesse Rutherford from The Neighbourhood over the weekend, sparking rumors about her personal life.

The two were seen together in a photo having dinner at a restaurant in Los Angeles, and they later hung out at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Following Pop Crave’s sharing of a photo of the two sharing suppers together, romance rumors for the pair started to circulate.

Jesse Rutherford and Billie Eilish appeared to be having a good time.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Andrew Axelband, who was also eating at Crossroads Kitchen when Billie and Jesse were there, said the couple were “happy together” and spent hours at the eatery while also spending some personal moments together. According to the eyewitness, the couple appeared to be on a date and spent more than three hours enjoying pasta meals at the establishment.

The cozy moment between Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford

Jesse kissed Billie on the cheek and at one time Billie caressed the back of his head, according to Axelband. The eyewitness reportedly revealed to ET that the two exchanged kisses. Andrew went on to say, “Billie looked fantastic, and the couple appeared at ease and content. Throughout the meal, they ate at their table without getting up once, and they remained attentive to one another by gazing into each other’s eyes. At one point, they discussed their intentions and the possibility of attending a party at the Kardashians’ house.”

In a TikTok video, Billie Ellish and Jesse Rutherford were seen together for the second time that week as they exited the amusement park’s Halloween attractions while holding hands. They had been joined by Billie’s brother Finneas, who had also posted an Instagram Story from their earlier-than-usual adventure that featured Rutherford. Although Billie hasn’t made a public display of her love relationships, she has been linked to Matthew Tyler Vorce and Brandon “Q” Adams in the past. As for the vocalist of The Neighbourhood, they broke up last year after dating model Devon Lee Carlson.