You only need to listen to the proper songs to stay inspired every time you lose hope and feel down and unhappy.

The following is a list of songs. Increase your heart rate while playing some music.

I Don’t Care by Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran

It’s true that the phrase “we at a party we don’t want to be at” isn’t exactly motivating. There’s a reason Sheeran is still a regular on the charts, but the hollow, persistent drumming of Sheeran and Bieber’s 2019 collaboration will get under your skin. Any type of workout can benefit from the song’s message: simply keep going and put up with the situation, and you’ll get through it.

“Oh, my,” DaBaby and Camila Cabello

Chart-topping singles “Havana” and “Senorita” are evidence that Camila Cabello has a knack for incredibly catchy Latin-inspired riffs. The slightly slower but no less powerful “My Oh My” is dark and brooding with its echoing chorus and her own intensity. When you add DaBaby’s upbeat rhymes, the song gains extra energy to keep you pumping.


The Destiny’s Child classic “Survivor” is the kind of workout music you need when you’re about to exhaust yourself. One of the best motivational songs is “I’m a survivor, I’m not gon’ give up, I’m not gon’ stop, I’m gon’ work harder.” I appreciate it, Beyoncé, Kelly, and Michelle.

“Bad Guy,” Eilish Billie

Possibly the biggest star of 2019 is Billie Eilish. This is demonstrated by her number-one hit from her debut album in 2019. It was co-produced by her and her brother Finneas and is dark, snappy, and has a catchy pace that’s ideal for working out. It’s enjoyable due to the jazzy riffs and background snaps; memorable due to the lyrics and vocal inflections.