Ed Sheeran has a wide variety of love songs that will make your date night special. So gather your significant other, choose your favorite Ed Sheeran song, and spend the evening singing and dancing.

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World-famous singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is renowned for his moving lyrics and exquisite melodies. His songs are ideal for singing on a date because they are frequently romantic and moving. You can serenade your date with one of these greatest songs on your upcoming date.


Unquestionably, this is one of Ed Sheeran’s loveliest songs. The song’s lyrics discuss finding the right person for you and how they make you feel whole. The tune is also really lovely and simple to sing along with.

Thinking Out Loud

Another timeless love song by Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud is ideal for a romantic evening. In the song, it is discussed how having someone you love by your side as you age is all you really need.

Tenerife Sea

Even though Tenerife Sea is one of Ed Sheeran’s lesser-known songs, it is equally as gorgeous as his more well-known songs. The song is really catchy, and the lyrics are beautiful.

Kiss Me

Your date will be beaming from ear to ear as they listen to the lively and happy love song Kiss Me. The tune is simple to sing along to, and the lyrics are simple yet sweet.

Shape Of You

For a great dating night, Shape of You is a more cheerful and energizing tune. You and your lover will enjoy the song’s captivating beat and lyrics and dance all night long.


Dive is a more sentimental love ballad that discusses finding true love. The tune is lovely, the lyrics are heartfelt, and it is lovely, making it a fantastic option for a special date night.


Happier is a more melancholy love song that discusses letting go of a special someone. Even though it might not be the most romantic song on this list, it’s an excellent option if your relationship is having a hard time.


Photograph is a sentimental love song about looking back on old times with the one you care about. The music is simple to sing along to, and the lyrics are heartfelt.

Ed Sheeran has songs for every mood, whether you’re seeking a sultry ballad or a happy song to dance to.

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