Billie Eilish was recently on the headlines after she stepped out with her now boyfriend at a Halloween party. The stars sparked up in unusual avatars to roll up for the Halloween party, leaving their fans in utter shock. However, now that getting on the side, Billie has decided to treat her fans with unseen Halloween glimpses on her social media.

Sharing the moments on her social media handle, Billie Eilish wrote, “life is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy? happy halloween??”

Here take a look-

The hilarious pictures from the parties also in addition with Billie’s live performance glimpses, the pictures are already hinting at the crazy time and nights, the popstar had in the weekends.

Speaking of her and her boyfriend’s unique uncanny show up at Halloween nights, the duo decked up in an avatar of a Baby and an old man. It almost seemed like Billie threw a satire to her haters who’s been nosy about her and her boyfriend’s age gap.