Have left the stage because of my costumes: Singer Neha Bhasin comes out about being made fun of for her appearance; read more

Have Been Removed From The Stage Due To My Costumes: Neha Bhasin, A Singer, Speaks Out About Being Ridiculed For Her Attire

Neha Bhasin, a singer best known for her songs Nai Jana and Dill Diyan Gallan, has talked up about the times when she faced criticism for her song Apple Bottoms, which features butt references. “An additional Throwback Thursday from 2010 Song #Applebottoms from my album Tabaah Because I wrote a song about my butt, itni galiaan aur gandhi baatein mere baare mein hui thi.” She stated on Instagram that “now all rappers are talking about our complete body and people are embracing it.”

Meiyang Chang, a musician, responded to the article by talking about how hypocritical people can be. He remarked, “You’ve made a strong argument. For decades, songs and videos that objectify or celebrate the feminine form have received praise. And it gets cheap when a woman decides to honor herself. How are there double standards?”

Neha expressed her harrowing experiences of being shamed by people for wearing costumes in response to Meiyang’s remark. “I can pen a book on the events that terrified me for years. But over time, I did realize that I needed to be unapologetic and look ahead. Growing older has certain benefits. I impart strength to my nieces. We don’t infuse kids with gender discomfort. My outfits have caused me to be removed from stages and embarrassed. And even six years ago, it was accepted,” Neha continued.

Fashion trends have undergone a huge transformation recently, but some people don’t appear to be too thrilled about it. Many celebrities are mocked for wearing strange, eccentric clothing since they do so frequently. For further updates, check IWMBUZZ often.