Check out how Rashami Desai is melting hearts in her gorgeous white midi outfit and how Neha Bhasin is appreciating her

Rashami Desai is all about uniqueness in gorgeous white midi outfit, singer Neha Bhasin calls her ‘gorgeous’

Rashami Desai is one of the most admired and appreciated actdesses and performing artistes in the Hindi entertainment industry. The actress has been a part of the Indian entertainment industry for many years and given the kind of struggle that she’s had in her career till date, we can certainly and genuinely say that she deserves all the love and appreciation that’s coming her way. Rashami has worked actively in the Bhojpuri regional entertainment industry as well as Hindi TV industry and no wonder, we are super proud of her entire journey till now.

Rashami Desai has got an amazing sense of fashion and whenever she shares fun and engaging photos and videos on social media, netizens feel the heat and melt in awe for real. This time, Rashami Desai is busy stabbing hearts of one and all in a stunning white midi bodycon outfit and guess who’s appreciating her the most? None other than singer Neha Bhasin. Take a look below –

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