Audible, renowned for its premium audio content, has unveiled the highly anticipated fourth season of this Hindi Audible Original podcast series. In this edition, titled Marvel’s Wastelanders: Wolverine, Aadil Khan, the talented actor, lends his voice to the iconic character of Captain America. Adil shares insights and excitement surrounding the series in an exclusive conversation with Read on:

What was your experience like narrating this record-breaking series, especially considering the immense popularity of the Marvel franchise?

It’s been amazing being a part of a brand like Marvel, doing a part which is as iconic as Captain America, being a part of such a fantastic platform which is Audible and then being associated and working along with such great voiceover artists and such fine actors. Overall, the entire show, the entire experience, everything was really, really, really great.

What challenges did you face while bringing Captain America to life in an audio format?

Honestly, the challenge was only to be responsible enough to do justice to a character as iconic as Captain America. And that’s about it. Other than that, everything was pretty fluid and interesting because again, the script was solid. The people that I was working with, they’re all professionals. They know what they’re doing. The direction was great. The co-voice actors were amazing. So overall, it was more interesting than challenging.

How does working with Audible compare to other mediums you have worked in? What unique opportunities or challenges does audio narration present?

Very, very different. I think they’re both different mediums altogether. When you’re acting in front of a camera, when it is being captured, so overall your scenes or your expressions, what you’re wearing, what is the day like, everything adds to the story. But when you’re giving your voice, you create all that world just through your voice. So, that is challenging also, but thankfully because I used to be a radio jockey before, so I had that experience which came handy. But it’s very, very different from how it is when you’re shooting in front of a camera. Having said that, I really think that audio series has a great market, especially in our country, India, because stories, listening to stories has always been our thing. As children also, we have listened to our grandparents and our parents and our uncles and aunties reciting stories. It’s been a part of our school life also. Radio has always been such a big thing in India. From Ameen Sayani to all these new age radio jockeys, we all listen to them, we all hear them. Also the fact that as time is progressing, as the world is progressing, we guys are getting more and more busy in our lives. And the fact that through audio series, you can do all the work that you have, at the same time listen to the stories, it doesn’t restrict you to one chair. So, that brings a lot of scope for any audio format to work in our country.

What intrigued you the most about being part of this Hindi adaptation of the Marvel Wastelanders series?

Everything. The moment I got to know that, ‘oh, I’m playing Captain America, I was like, yes, I’m doing this’. Then I got to know that, oh, this is Audible. I was like, fantastic, I’m doing this. Then I got to know that, oh, I’m working with Mantra, who I know from my childhood. I was like, fantastic, let’s do this. Then the other actors were a part of it. Then the other voiceover artists who are a part of it, I know most of them from before. So, I was like, yeah, this sounds fun and interesting. Then I read the script, the script seemed so good. I was like, yeah, so many reasons to do it, let’s go for it.

Were there any particular moments or scenes in the series that you found particularly rewarding or challenging to voice?

You know, honestly, I enjoyed every scene, being Captain America in the series. But the climax was very interesting. The climax, in fact, when I was going through the script, I did not predict that it would turn out to be like this. I was amazed at myself. And then recording that with the overall packaging that these guys have done. I really love the climax. I mean, the entire series is fantastic. But the climax just takes the cake.

How do you think Marvel fans, especially those who are familiar with the English version, will react to this Hindi adaptation?

I think they’ll love it. I think because of how much English content we enjoy, but our heart as Indians belongs to our own Hindi language. And again, the way it has been recreated, you know, the way it has been written, and the way it is recorded and overall packaged, it is very interesting. I, for how much ever I heard, it just sounds so good. And like I said, India has a great market and taste for storytelling and hearing stories. I think it’s going to do fantastic.