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Check out these pictures, where Miley Cyrus And Ariana Grande look drop-dead gorgeous in the neon outfits!

Miley Cyrus And Ariana Grande Dazzle In Neon; See Pics

The two best friends, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande have been seen together on many occasions. They have got each other’s back for no matter what. Be it in case of fashion or music, the two impeccable singers have made every one of us awestruck. Both of them have been seen collaborating in many music videos like Don’t Dream It’s Over (2017) and Don’t Can Me Angel (2019). Both of them have also set some fashion standards and brought new fashion trends in the industry. When talking about neon outfits, both of them have slain in them.

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Miley Ray Cyrus has gone through a massive fashion evolution. She has turned from a girl-next-door to hot fashion chic. She has appeared in the neon outfits a lot of times. Her best ever neon fashion outfit is the UFO green crop top and short, that she wore in Bambi Awards in 2013. Her 22nd birthday outfit was no less. The neon pink feather jacks with a cami crop top inside and UFO green short skirt sought the attraction of many of her fans.

On the other hand, Arian Grande, the pop sensation, has inspired many with her iconic style. Be it in a red carpet or a music video, she has always appeared in the perfect outfit. Her neon pink look from her song 7 Rings (2019) made everyone amazed. Ariana’s neon lemon yellow look is no less. She looks so cool in the oversized sweatshirt. She looks so stunning in those neon attires.

Have a look at these pictures of the best friends slaying in the neon outfit!

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