Arijit Singh has earned immense love with his romantic, emotional numbers. However, certain songs are underrated

Most underrated songs of Arijit Singh

Hold on to your headphones if you are an Arijit Singh fan! You might be surprised that his discography contains some overlooked masterpieces that deserve more recognition. Though they may not have topped the charts or been continuously played on the radio, these songs are still well worth hearing.

The maestro has produced some stunning songs that have slipped under people’s radar, including the heartbreaking “Aahista” from the film “Laila Majnu” and Tose Naina from Mickey Virus. You shouldn’t miss other undiscovered gems, such as the ethereal “Aye Zindagi” from the film “Hacked.” Please review the list below.

Aye Zindagi – Hacked

The movie featured Hina Khan in the lead. The song Aye Zindagi is again a less explored number by Arijit Singh. If you haven’t listened to this, give it a listen, definitely. It’s one of the most melodious hues Singh has on his table.

Raat Bhar- Heropanti

The movie starred Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon. However, while Singh is known chiefly for his sad, romantic numbers, this song showcased that he also knows how to ace a party song. But Raat Bhar isn’t very popular amongst Arijit Singh fans.

Yaariyan- Cocktail

The song is one of the most soothing numbers. It is the movie Cocktail that changed Deepika Padukone’s entire career. However, this song about friendship and complex human emotions sung by Arijit Singh remains less explored.

Tose Naina – Mickey Virus

The movie featured Maniesh Paul Elli AvRam as the lead. The film didn’t do well at the box office and failed to garner attention from the netizens. Given that, Arijit Singh’s number from the movie Tose Naina remains less explored.