One of the most deserving ascents to fame in modern pop history was that of Doja. It’s not just her catchy, psychedelic-pop beats that make her successful. The witty and provocative lyrics of Doja Cat are presented with a whimsical variety akin to Nicki Minaj or MARINA. Her greatest work to date, Hot Pink, is nothing less than a bubbly, genre-defying disco of sexism. She is a natural performer, and few of her peers have the ability to engage an audience the way she does.

But there’s going to be a downer, and it’s a major one. Doja occasionally misses. She has so many other advantages that it is understandable, but it is also mostly inescapable. You’re gushing about her revolutionary pop talent after just one song.

Then, you wish she had stopped after “MOOO!” the following moment.

Without further ado, Let’s see the best Doja Cat tracks, as well as five that, in my view, should never have left the studio.

“Woman” (Planet Her, 2021)

It makes a bold opening statement for Planet Her. “Woman,” which pays homage to Afrobeat with pounding steel drums, serves as the ideal eff-the-patriarchy promo tune.

“Say So” (Hot Pink, 2019)

Right up there with dalgona lattes and crocheted crop tops, “Say So” defined the first lockdown. And, somehow, it never got boring. Reworked into a god-tier remix with Nicki Minaj, a musical-theatre-style glamour medley, and a haunting, string-heavy ballad, Say So did it all. The Ring inspires even a heavy metal version.

The Weeknd’s “You Right” (Planet Her, 2021)

It’s time to bring things to a controversial conclusion. One of the most eagerly awaited songs on Planet Her, “You Right,” has become a fast favorite among listeners. However, I honestly can’t hear it. I think it would be unjust to label this song as one of Doja’s worst, but it really could have been so much better. As is, it doesn’t really stand out on the CD.