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Pop Smoke VS Kanye West, choose your favorite now.

Pop Smoke VS Kanye West: Your favourite American rapper?

The world was left in shock when the news of Pop Smoke being shot surfaced on Internet on 19 February 2020. Pop Smoke’s career might be short-lived but it was acclaimed and celebrated worldwide. During the two years of his active career Pop reigned over the music industry, he was known by many as the face of the ”Brooklyn Drill”. His 2019 single ”Welcome to the party” was a hit. His mixtape’s second single ”Dior” reached number twenty-two on Billboard Hot 100 chart. His other well-known songs are, Mpr, Flexin and Meet the woo. His unique style of rapping with blending harsh sounds of the drill was extraordinary. Pop Smoke might not be with is right now but the legacy that he left begin through his songs will always be remembered.

When it comes to Kanye West, this man needs to introduction. He recently created a buzz around him by standing up for USA’s 2020 presidential election. That might be a fail but his music career isn’t. The Grammy Award-winning rapper made his mark on the industry by his chart-topping albums such as Yeezus, Late Registration, Fantasy, Doda with Child and many more. Kanye has cemented his place at the top of the industry by giving out hit songs as well as winning nearly dozens of Grammy Awards.

Pop Smoke and Kanye have a very different and unique style when it comes to music. Who do you think is your favorite?

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