Teri Aankhen music video fame Keshav Malhotra gets into a conversation with IWMBuzz.com.

I am ready to be part of the industry and have my options open: Keshav Malhotra of music video Teri Aankhen

Keshav Malhotra might be just 18 years old, but when you speak to him, you will get to understand that he is so very learned at this young age!!

Keshav recently launched his music video along with popular actress Reem Sheikh titled Teri Aankhen.

The young lad who comes from a family that has its roots in acting and singing, has composed music, written the lyrics and even sung the song for the music video.

Says Keshav, “This is my first music video and I have treated it like a baby. All the elements in the video are completely natural. The Keshav in front of the camera and the one who is off the camera are totally same. I have tried my best to be natural in the video.”

Keshav Malhotra has been in the line of music and dance from a very tender age. He went on to compose his first song at the age of 16. “I belong to a typically filmy family, a Punjabi family that is totally into acting, singing, dancing etc. I have got my acting genes from my father. I want to make it my career.”

“I have all the options open. For example, the music director who watches my video will see my composition, film connected people will see my acting and the people from the modeling industry will get to see my physique and looks. The music video is like my portfolio and I hope I make my mark. I am ready to take up any offer, that comes my way, whether be it as a singer, dancer or as an actor,” he states.

The music video Teri Aankhen is an in-house production with Keshav’s sister Neha Malhotra singing the female version. The video was shot at their home, with lot of moments and premise being created by them. “My lyrics in the song is very simple and it will connect easily to the youth. Everyone has passed this phase in their life wherein they meet their first love. The feeling is unknown and this is exactly what the lyrics give viewers.”

In addition to composing, singing and writing lyrics, the story and the broad concept have also been given shape by Keshav.

How did Reem Sheikh come into the picture? “Well there is a trend of the young actors being popular with their music videos. So we wanted a face and also wanted to launch it in a big way. People will surely come to watch Reem, but they will also see the talent of Keshav Malhotra. That was the aim. She has a sweet vibe and an aura around her. When I met Reem for the first time, she was completely genuine.”

What are your plans now? “I am a typical guy who will love the light-hearted movies and the peaceful songs. I will want to leave a good and positive impact on the viewers. They need to have a smile on their faces when they see my work. I am ready to be in the industry. Stage is my place and I want to be there.”

Best of luck, Keshav!!

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