Shankar Mahadevan is a respected and very well-known musician in the industry and his soulful music has always captured the hearts of millions.

Shankar Mahadevan: From a computer engineer to an acclaimed musician 1

The biggest unstoppable force, in the musical genre of Indian film industry, is none other than the Breathless singer, Shankar Mahadevan. We all have heard innumerable compositions of his and even memorised half his songs, though it hasn’t always been easy to do, but fans still try their best because this maestro is an idol to millions. He has inspired the youth of today and even little kids who are participating in singing talent shows, to take a leap of faith in to the world of music if their heart wants to, and with determination and hard work, success is bound to follow.

If there was anything that could beat his stories of success and claim to fame than it would have to be his fascinating journey of becoming an acclaimed musician from a once computer engineer, and it’s an inspiring one at that!
Shankar Mahadevan: From a computer engineer to an acclaimed musician
Mahadevan was brought up in a family which made him understand the importance of academics and arts both. Hailing from a middle class family, Mahadevan has a B.Tech in Computer Science and Software Engineering from an Engineering college in Mumbai. Already at the time of his graduation, he started to understand his passion for music but like most young people, he took up a job in the software industry that would ensure a secure paycheck.

However, he soon started to understand that his job is creating barriers between him and his musical dream. So without much delay he took the much needed leap of faith and changed tracks. The rest as we all know is history and today, Shankar Mahadevan is celebrated for his contribution in the music industry. His story just goes to show that passion coupled with perseverance and a little bravery, takes you very far!

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