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He is definitely a singer that’s class apart and loved by all, but Shankar Mahadevan has many more feathers on his hat of talent!

Shankar Mahadevan is a man of many avatars

Shankar Mahadevan is one of the leading musicians in India and from the grandparents to the parents and from today’s youth to the up and coming teenagers, every one loves his music to the core. He has made numerous musical masterpieces which never cease to mesmerize us. People follow each and every corner of his public life but very few know about his other avatars apart from being a marvellous and revered musician.
Shankar Mahadevan is a man of many avatars
Shankar Mahadevan is very fond of cooking! From salads to sabjis and from pastas to paneer, he is always throwing in new ingredients and cooking new dishes which become instant hit at the dinner table, just like his songs.

Despite being a huge star, he denies his stardom and never makes way to boost his ego even in public, and we are guessing it is qualities like these that make him the millennials hero.

After so many years he still acknowledges that whatever he is today and all the name, fame and credits he has earned, it’s all because of his guru. He is a classic example of a student who is eternally grateful to his master and students like this always go a long way in their careers and achieve great heights! Although Mahadevan’s teacher left the world, she still continues to guide him and he has never forgotten her till date.

He takes music classes also through his various centres and his students definitely appreciate every moment they have with this music icon if the industry. Shankar Mahadevan is truly one of those precious gems and like a once in a lifetime thing that has happened to Bollywood. We are eternally grateful for his music, his teachings and all the wonderful melodies he still gifts to the industry!

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