Shawn Mendes has blessed our ears with hit after hit. Apart from being an exceptionally stunning heartthrob, his music is the soundtrack to countless couples all over the world.

Shawn Mendes is one of today’s most popular singers. Listen to some of Shawn Mendes’ finest songs if you want to transfer yourself to a realm of fairyland and experience the beauty of love. The popular Canadian musician rose to prominence after posting six-second song covers on the video-sharing app Vine.

Here are some of Shawn Mendes’ finest love songs that you should certainly listen to:

Fallin All In You is one of Shawn Mendes’ finest songs, and you should listen to it. It is an English album that was published in 2018.

Lost In Japan

This is a love song from the album Lost In Japan, which was published in March of this year. This love Shawn Mendes song has a runtime of 03:21 minutes. It’s always a good feeling to hear that your loved one is willing to fly thousands of miles to meet you. If you want to be transported in the midst of these love sentiments, you should definitely listen to this song.

Treat You Better

This is another love song written by a well-known Canadian artist. The song is from the album Illuminate, which was released in June of this year. The song has a total duration of 03:08 minutes. Shawn Mendes wrote and performed the song.

There Is Nothing Holdin’ Me Back

Shawn Mendes has released another love song. The song comes from the album Illuminate (Deluxe). The song was one of his biggest successes when it was released in April 2017.

You Should Never Be Alone

This song is popular among fans and is taken from the album Handwritten (Deluxe). The song was released in April of this year. The song has a runtime of 03:36 minutes.

We are confident that Shawn Mendes’ songs will make you fall in love and give you a cause to love. There are bound to be more Shawn Mendes’ love songs, but these are our favorites. Please share your thoughts in the comments section and continue to follow and read for more updates and information.