Shawn Mendes is a superstar singer in Hollywood music. Let's check out some of his best love songs.

Shawn Mendes And Love Songs Are A Perfect Combination; Listen

Shawn Mendes’s love songs are popular for their real and emotional lyrics with his powerful vocals. The music often deals with concepts of heartbreak, longing, and self-discovery. The singer successfully portrays the essence of love and its complexities through his voice. Shawn Mendes rose to the limelight for his heartfelt love songs. It has gathered him a dedicated fanbase and numerous hit singles. Some of his most popular love songs include:

Treat You Better

A soulful song by Shawn Mendes was released in 2016. You can also call it his most successful song to date. The catchy lyrics are about how he can love and treat someone better than their current partner. It became a commercial success worldwide. It also reached the top 10 charts in different countries.


The word itself speaks about the song. It was released in 2015. “Stitches” portrays the hurtful pain of a broken heart. And deals with feelings of longing for the one who got away. At the same time, the emotional pick and relatable lyrics in the voice of Shawn Mendes became a massive hit. Also, a love anthem for people. This song also topped the charts in different countries.

Fallin All In You

Released in 2018, Fallin All In You also became Shawn Mendes’s top hit song. Also, this song is another hit of Shawn’s career. It deals with the beautiful love and growing years together that made him fall for her again and again. This song is about the desire for love to be together, stay together, wake up together, and more.

There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back

It was released in 2017. The upbeat song deals with a person’s love, which can give them the strength to fight any obstacle in life. Shawn Mendes beautifully sings the urge to follow your loved one in this piece. Listening to this song gives a soothing vibe.


Mercy is a 2016 song. It is a love saga about the power of love, and forgiveness can cure every wound of a broken heart. This song received positive acclaim from critics, making it a commercial success.

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