Shawn Mendes has bridged the gap between social media phenom and true pop superstar in just 9 years, making the change appear effortless. It’s a model that other influencers aspire to follow, from YouTuber KSI to TikTok-er Dixie D’Amelio. These are some Shawn Mendes songs that will take your breath away:

“In My Blood”

This song is about anxiety and the strength it takes to face it. Shawn’s powerful voice successfully represents the sentiments expressed in the lyrics, which are incredibly private and truthful.

“Treat You Better”

This is about a man who wants to salvage a woman from a toxic relationship and educate her on how she should be addressed. Shawn’s delicate voice adds to the psychological resonance of the song, and the lyrics are sweet and romantic.

The Life of the Party (2014)

Shawn’s debut single may now dwell in the shadow of the mega-hit Stitches, but it set his career off to a good start. Although only reached Number 99 on the Official Singles Chart, he has remained popular throughout the years as more people have found him.

Wonder (2020) (2020)

The title tune from Shawn’s most recent album is a contemporary power ballad that addresses toxic masculinity while stretching his musical boundaries into widescreen electronic pop.


This is about begging for atonement and the sadness that follows. Shawn’s voice is brimming with passion, and his words are devastating.

Shawn Mendes’ music has the power to touch people’s hearts and souls. Shawn Mendes offers a song for everyone, whether you’re looking for a sweet love song or a forceful ballad.

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